Nutters with Putters

Nutters with Putters


Tim 'Ace Man' Davies & John 'Big Top Ted' McIver

 of Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club


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Ocean House

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East Sussex

TN37 5AD

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"An exhaustive and entertaining guide"  The Independent

"Ribald humour about the game"  The Sunday Telegraph

Tim & Ted's Top Ten Crazy Golf courses in the UK


Nutters with Putters das book Published Nov 2nd 2008



The Promo for Nutters with Putters das DVD.
Two of the finest touch putters spanning the last two millennia have joined forces to make this crazy golf instructional DVD. Learn how to putt and win.



  The Tiger Trap



Latest news: Ace Man is the 2010 British MiniGolf Association British Champion

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Nutters With Putters Index
0 Index 
00 Introduction to the Introduction 
01 Introduction 
02 History 
03 The Pregame 
04 Pop culture 
05 The Game 
06 International Tournaments 
07 The Post Game 
08 National Tournaments 
09 Owners 
10 Conclusion 
11 Epilogue 

Appendices (Uber useless info)
Appendix I The tale of the tape - Ace Man v Big Top 
Appendix II Miniature Golf and putting terminology 
Appendix III Requirements 
Appendix IV Who’s who of crazy golf 
Appendix V Tim & Ted’s Top Ten crazy golf courses in the UK 
Appendix VI Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club rules 


Conspiracy theories abound but it can be categorically stated now that McSly deliberately edited out the lines on page 3. Strangely the only bit of editing he was responsible for in the whole book.

The missing lines on page 3.

On my second child's birth certificate, the fathers' profession is given as professional mini golfer, something to give him pride when he grows up. On my first son’s birth certificate, (Timmy 2) I'm listed as an author. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.


We did try and publish the book through the old, stale route.  Here is a selection of comments from the rejection letters received from various publishers.

“Too witty, too clever, too interesting and too out there. We'd rather stick to the same boring old crap.”

“We only publish books with 'love' in the title.”

“No one will believe a word of it. We did though.”

“We don't need another Rowling type phenomenon.”

“We don't believe there is a market for quality work any more.”

“We'd much rather publish the highly disappointing follow up.”

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“We only sign one new author a year and there's two of you.”



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